Portalevel - Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator


Permalevel® can be used, among other applications, for fixed fire extinguishing installations in the Power (notably electricity and nuclear), Oil and Gas (notably exploration and production), Defence, Data Storage & Telecommunications centres and Defence sectors where it is critical that the contents in fixed fire extinguishing installations are monitored on a continual 24/7 basis.  
Moreover, Permalevel® can also be used for any other liquid monitoring requirements such as with most industrial liquids and chemicals in tanks or holding vessels which can conduct ultrasound. 
Permalevel® provides a simple and effective way to ensure the level of liquid within a container is continually verified, without manually checking. It is designed to enhance safety in these critical sectors. 
This unit locates the level of almost any liquid in almost any single skinned container of wall thickness 2 - 20 mm which conducts ultrasound. 
Permalevel® is applied typically for high pressure CO2 cylinders constructed of seamless spun steel, approximately 1.5 metre high, 250 mm diameter, weighing 45 kg or, cylinders of pressed steel with welded seams with low pressure fills of varying sizes and fill weights containing liquid gaseous Halon or halon substitute gas such as FM-200™. 
POWER: electricity generating stations, distribution network, sub-stations 
OIL & GAS: refineries, offshore platforms, rigs 
DEFENCE: explosive storage facilities 
METAL & MINING: steel, aluminium, sub-surface mining 
INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL: data storage centres, telecommunications centres 
FIRE INSTALLATION: Fire Extinguishing Systems and cylinders 
GENERAL HOUSINGS/ ENCLOSURES: Miscellaneous manufacturing enclosures 
Portalevel with sensor
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Permalevel® requires no further handling once fixed in the necessary position. The sensor is connected to the unit at all times and is also permanently attached to the cylinder, by a magnetic applicator, which can also be bonded, at the point required of level contents, below which an alert will be relayed through the power supply. 
In the event that the liquid level inside the container descends below the fixed point, the warning is issued to alert personnel of the change and potential hazard which would lead to manual inspection. 
At this point, we recommend that the container be isolated and removed for weighing. It may be that the contents have leaked or a change in environment has altered the contents. 
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