Portalevel - Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator

Technical Specifications 

Coltraco Ltd, 46 Mount Street, London, W1K 2SA, United Kingdom 
Fixed Fire Extinguishing Monitoring installation to ensure a constant liquid level, in high or low pressure, single-skinned steel cylinders or most types of single skinned industrial fluid containers and to warn if that level drops below the optimum point, signalling potential hazard. 
Verifiable Liquids/Gases 
CO2, Halon, FM200™, Novec 1230, NAF S III, other Halon substitutes, LPG & almost any other liquid types such as chemicals and industrial fluids stored in almost any single-skinned container which conducts ultrasound. 
Single crystal sensor made of a piezoelectric material which vibrates or emits ultrasound when acted upon by an electric current fitted with a magnetic head to affix to the container, 16 x 16 mm. 
Alarm system 
RS232, linked to mains electricity to relay the warning signal back to safety hub or the local control (as per customer specifications). 
Power Supply 
On/Off Switch, SPA (increases transmitter receive signal) switch,“CAL” self-calibration switch 
Digital: LED and LCD digital display 
Power Supply 
Can work on most manufacturing voltage internationally and 230Volts A/C for UK or can be configures for DC. 
Back Up Power Supply 
Optional x4 AA 1.5V battery standby back up (to be replaced every 6 months especially in a hot climate). 
700 g (packed inc. carrying case: 3.7 kg) 
Unit Dimensions 
155 x 95 x 95 mm (packed for shipping, inc. Carrying case: 340 x 310 x 180 mm). 
Operating Temperature 
The complete instrumentation will operate at -10ºC to + 70ºC, operation is dependent upon the chemical properties of the liquid gaseous or liquid being measured. 
Sensor – 1 year warranty, Unit – 3 year warranty (please note the exceptions). 
All the specifications are subject to alteration at the manufacturer’s discretion. 
Portalevel Defence Applications
Coltraco Naval Applications
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